Heensa true Modular.

Built from stainless steel and aluminum.

Designed in Switzerland.

Endlessly recyclable Stainless steel and Aluminium.

Lasts for a lifetime.


That’s the standard we measure ourselves against.

Meet the designer:

“We have to re-imagine our furniture to last a lifetime, but at the same time, to change and be adaptable to our needs.
Designing and imagining the heensa modular system  is my way to answer that.
That is why I made heensa.”

The perfect combination of style and sustainability

You don’t need a degree in engineering to put together our shelves. 

We use high quality materials that are strong and look beautiful too. Our modular design means you can mix and match to create your perfect design solution. 

And if you ever get bored of your shelving, you can always use the parts to build a different piece of furniture.